Reasons to Visit Hawaii

Hawaii is a true paradise and you surely already want to visit it, but did you know that it is more to it than just beautiful sand and warm weather? Here are five reasons why you need to book your vacation in Hawaii.

1.   Beaches in Hawaii are Public

Did you know that all Hawaii beaches are public? This means that you can go on any beach you want, regardless of who owns the oceanfront property. And the best thing is that some of the most popular stars have properties here, including Oprah, Pierce Brosnan and Ben Stiller!

2.   You Can See Flowing Lava

Hawaii is a place where regular eruptions occur, especially if you visit Kilauea. This volcano is one of the most active volcanoes in the world and is now part of the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. The name carries the meaning ‘spewing’ in Hawaiian.

If you decide to visit this volcano at the Kilauea Overlook, you will get a lifetime experience of the orange glow and perhaps even a scenic flight over the hot magma.

3.   Surfing is Their Sport of Kings

Surfing was a sport primarily reserved for the loyalty on the island, but is now open to everyone who is interested in this sport. If you enjoy surfing or want to learn it, this is the best place to be!

4.   It is the Home to the Tallest Mountain in the World

Mauna Kea in Hawaii is known to be the world’s tallest mountain with 13,803 feet above sea level and total height of 33,500 feet. This height is twice the size of Mount Everest!

5.   You Can Dance the Hula

Hula is a traditional Hawaiian dance that is experienced at luaus, where you can also feast on a pig cooked in a traditional oven located underground!

Are you ready for a new adventure? Add these to your ‘to do’ list and book your next trip to Hawaii!

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