Why Hawaii is NOT Paradise

While it seems like an ideal place to live or visit, the truth is that Hawaii is far from being the vision of paradise that most people think of when imagining what it would be like to live or visit the island state. Hawaii is know for it’s great weather, beautiful beaches and landscape, and the hospitality of the locals. But when you look a little closer you can begin to see cracks in the facade and it quickly becomes apparent that Hawaii is not the paradise that we make it out to be.

So, without further ado, here are just 4 reasons why Hawaii is definitely not paradise. Enjoy!

1. The beaches are very overcrowded.

What happens when an area is known around the world for it’s beautiful beaches? Well they get overcrowded quickly. From surfers to college kids out partying, to families, if you go to a major beach in Hawaii you are likely going to be overwhelmed by the crowd. If you are hoping to relax on a vacation the last thing you want is to have to contend with an overcrowded beach.

2. The cost of living is extremely high.

As a major tourist destination that has to import many of their goods from great distances it should come as no surprise that the cost of living in Hawaii is very high. But despite the obvious signs that should warn people, many first time visitors are shocked when they see they may be paying two times the amount or more for things that they buy back home. The cost of living is an issue for tourists, but it’s an even bigger issue for people that live there year round.

3. There are a lot of homeless people.

The cost of living is very high in Hawaii, which is a major contributing factor to the homelessness problem that has plagued the state for years. While officials work hard to try to keep them out of sight, the reality is that there are thousands of homeless people in Hawaii that live a migratory lifestyle. When they are chased away from one area they simply move on to another. It’s kind of heard to picture Hawaii as a paradise once you see campsites of homeless people struggling to survive.

4. There are way too many tourists.

While the locals often appear friendly to your face, many of them are resentful of the huge number of tourists that come to Hawaii, and you can’t really blame them. While Hawaii generates a lot of money from the tourism industry, that same industry draws in huge crowds of people. This leads to overcrowding, and can make it very difficult to enjoy your free time as you are trying to navigate the crowds of tourists that are present in Hawaii year round.

So there you have it. It’s not such a paradise here when you really think about it! But we still love it so come and visit!


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